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Here we propose our technical choices in terms of measurement and quality management software

Versatile and simple software by QX Soft that allows programming and creation of reports in just a few clicks. Operator intervention is significantly reduced compared to traditional software. It has a graphic simulator and offline programming already in the standard package.

It is an excellent retrofit software as it interfaces directly on machines of many brands: DEA, Hexagon, Tesa, Browne and Sharpe, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, LK, Sheffield, Wenzel just to name a few. It also communicates with Renishaw, Deva and Pantec controls. This also means retrofit to zero hardware and translates into significant savings on the upgrade costs of your measuring machine: the obsolete electronics can then be replaced, as needed, with a new control, for example from the Renishaw UCC T3 range or S3 which are a guarantee of accuracy and reliability, while maintaining the CMM Manager.

CMM Manager has a valid package for measuring simple straight and helical toothed gears: internal and external, at low cost.
Furthermore, with the Vision package it allows you to transform your measuring machine into an optical machine without any modification to the numerical control: a support and a camera are enough, with the same software used by Nikon on the prestigious NEXIV range.

Of course, we also have continuous scanning, optional.

In addition, CMM Manager by QXSoft, interfaces with many of Nikon’s coordinate instruments (both 2D and 3D), with others such as the Faro or Romer measuring arms, with profile projectors, microscopes, etc: imagine having more instruments and / or measuring machines, even of different brands, that can use the same software !!
With CMM Manager, now you can!

It allows you to measure standard geometries quickly, easily and reliably. For programming, a simple click on the desired characteristics is enough.

Thanks to the numerous options, ZIESS CALYPSO is perfect even for the most complex needs:

  • GEAR® PRO Gear measurement technology The GEAR PRO option for ZEISS CALYPSO allows you to expand the range of use of coordinate measuring machines to gear measurement.
  • PLANNER Offline generation of measurement plans. The measuring machine is not blocked by PLANNER and can continue to be used for additional measurements.
  • PRESET Erosion electrodes External presetting of erosion electrodes to reduce tooling times.
  • CALYPSO VAST probing Quick detection of a single point. With the CALYPSO VAST probe the single point measurement time can be significantly reduced with adequate accuracy.
  • BLADE® PRO BLADE PRO turbine blades allows you to determine a huge range of parameters for the analysis of turbine blades.
  • CURVE Analysis of 2D and 3D curves, known, unknown, open and closed.
    Freeform Surface Analysis. Analysis of single points, spatial point groups and sections.
  • PCM Part families PCM (Parameter Coded Measurements) allows you to efficiently check families of similar parts, which are distinguished only by some parameters.
  • CAD import CAD import options License for importing CAD formats into ZEISS CALYPSO.
  • DMIS DMIS import and DMIS export The DMIS option can be used to import and export measurement programs in ZEISS CALYPSO or DMIS.
  • QS-STAT Export for qs-STAT Export of ZEISS CALYPSO result files for the statistics program qs-STAT.
  • FACS Measurement of Random Samples FACS allows you to integrate traditional measurement applications into automated processes and is ideal for the regular measurement of random samples.
  • BASIC AUTOMATION Standard automation BASIC AUTOMATION makes it possible to integrate ZEISS measuring machines into both partially and fully automatic production processes.
  • PTI Polygonal Clamping Devices Standardized measurement of tool holders with Polygonal Taper Interface.

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